Pile Head Treatment

What is a Raft ?

Production Design

A “raft,” which is a concrete foundation floor lying directly atop soft oil that may be susceptible to subsidence, is a construction comparable to a pile cap. The benefit of treating the pile head or cap A successful piling and foundation system’s final operational stage is the pile head treatment.
Pillow Head Therapy. The pile head’s surface should not be gritty, oily, or greasy. Epoxies, curing chemicals, and bitumen should not be used to paint or cover it.

Pile Head/Cap Treatment's Benefit

The final operational stage of an effective piling and foundation system is the pile head treatment. Every pile needs to be guarded from attacks from the soil and groundwater’s chloride, ag, and sulphate on the reinforcement. Additionally, it must guarantee that water cannot enter the substructure from the ground.

An appropriate design system must contain: Each construction is based on a sturdy foundation that has been reinforced with re-profiling, waterproofing, and complete encapsulation.