What is a Painting ?

Production Design

Painting interior walls and ceilings is a task that is best separated into two phases: cutting in and rolling. It is great to have two people do the task, especially if you are not one of them. All the areas that a paint roller cannot cover without getting paint on nearby surfaces are cut in or outlined by one person using a brush. The team’s second membrane uses a roller to apply paint to the wall and ceiling. You can cut in both at once if the walls and ceiling are the same colour. If not, start by fixing the ceiling.

If you are painting with a partner, have the individual holding the brush start by painting the ceiling’s perimeter in a 2-inch band. Do not let the outliner go in front of the roller by too much because lap lines will appear if the cut-in paint dries before you blend it in with the rolled area. 

Additionally, you want to roll the roller over as much of the painted band that was cut in as feasible. A brush and a leaf have quite different textures.