Injection System

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One or two component injectable pumps can be used to administer POLYINJECT PU+. At least 4 bars of injection pressure are required. The injection system must be allowed to cure for 24 hours after the procedure is finished, during which time it must be left alone.


Once POLYINJECT PU+ is fully cured, remove the packers, fill in any holes or gaps with POLYPOXY BF on a dry surface, and allow to cure. Use POLYPUR F if the surface is moist. Immediately after usage, remove POLYINJECT PU+, POLYPOXY BF, and POLYPUR F from tools, equipment, and mixers using a suitable solvent. Only mechanical means can be used to remove hardened material.


All materials should be kept between 100 and 250 C in a dry, cool area that is covered. Keep the containers out of direct sunlight and away from all heat sources. The product needs to be protected from high humidity and stored in an air-conditioned environment in tropical climates. If the product is stored in accordance with the instructions, its shelf life in unopened condition is six months. High temperature and humidity will cause the product to degrade significantly and shorten its shelf life.